Six Reasons Why K-12 Curriculum in the Philippines is Beneficial

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Facebook0TwitterLinkedinIt’s been four years since the Philippines shifted to a new educational system. But this reform program, which added two more years to the old basic education system, has since met with so much public opposition. Until now, critics continue to insist that the country’s not yet prepared for this transition. Many have been said about K-12 curriculum—what it is, … Read More

Philippine Academe’s K-12 System: Top Four Myths Debunked

Facebook0TwitterLinkedinThe K-12 education system in the Philippines has met with so much criticism and conflict from various local sectors. Many parents grumble about the added costs; teachers protest against potential job loss; and critics question the country’s ability to handle the program. Is the K-12 education system really this adverse? Not at all. Though most of these reasons are valid … Read More