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How the K-12 Program Can Ensure Employment after GraduationThe government will enforce the senior high school program in 2016. Yet most parents and students cannot realize its essence. The K-12 program allows students to enter the workforce after finishing senior high school (SHS) or prepares them for further study.

Thus, to give you an overview and let you appreciate its pros, here are ways the K to 12 program can help guarantee SHS graduates will find work.

  1. K to 12 will be enough to prepare students for work. It will afford ample learning time for students to master study areas and focus on their interests. Hence, graduates will gain job-specific skills even without a college degree. In addition, with the added two years in high school, they will graduate and be 18 years old, the legal age for full-time employment.
  2. SHS students can earn a senior high school diploma, Certificate of Competency, and national certifications that follow TESDA’s training regulations. This will allow them to gain mid-level skills and offer more chances of landing a job or becoming an entrepreneur.
  3. The government will form links with many companies for technical and vocational courses to enable students to gain experience while studying. This step will give them the chance to work for the partner companies.
  4. DepEd talks with business groups, local and foreign chambers of commerce, and industries. These groups agreed to change their job requirements to hire K-12 graduates.
  5. The program prevents job mismatch by meeting the skill requirements and standards. Graduates of the 12-year basic courses will gain the needed skills to work and pass the College Readiness Standards for further studies and future employment.
  6. Apart from building the workforce, the K-12 program will produce young entrepreneurs. It will offer tracks that will train and let students venture into business and other fields further than employment.
  7. DepEd joined forces with the Commission of Higher Education or CHED and the Department of Labor and Employment or DOLE. This move aims to offer more chances for and make sure that firms will be open and kind to K-12 graduates and working students.

Besides workers, the program will profit those who wish to advance their studies. With gradual learning, students will have enough time to grasp the lessons and aid them to excel and focus on their field of choice after high school.

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