savings and crayons

savings and crayons

One concern raised on the new education system is that the added two years mean extra expense to parents. Critics of the K-12 program have little knowledge of the government’s subsidy for the extra two years in basic education.

The “Voucher Program” will help students and parents affected by the recent shift to the new curriculum or students who will continue beyond Grade 10.

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For those studying or sending someone to school under the K-12 program but lack enough funds, you will find the most relevant details on government financial aid.

What is the Voucher Program?

The voucher program is a government subsidy offered to junior high school or JHS completers to allow them to pursue senior high school or SHS (Grades 11 and 12). One voucher is good to cover the costs of one entire school year.

In SHS, students can choose the most relevant track for their career goals or needs and even the school. In fact, students may pursue SHS at any qualified private high school, local or state college or university, private college or university, and technical-vocational school.

The program will begin in school year 2016-2017 when the first batch of students will reach Grade 11.

What is the worth of the voucher?

The value of the voucher varies depending on the SHS’ location where the student will enroll.

  • PHP22,500 – 16 cities and one municipality in the National Capital Region (NCR)
  • PHP20,000 – Urbanized cities outside NCR
  • PHP17,500 – Other cities and towns in the Philippines

Note: The above sums are for students that come from a public high school and will enroll in a private school (DepEd approved). Non-DepEd schools may charge tuition fee that is higher than the voucher subsidy rate.

  • Students coming from private high schools will get a specific percentage (80 percent).
  • Students who intend to enroll in a public college or university will get half of the full subsidy.

How can students/parents claim the voucher?

The government will not give the subsidy to Grade 10 completers themselves but will instead remit it straight to the senior high school where students will enroll.

Should JHS students apply for the voucher?

JHS completers from public junior high schools are qualified to receive the funding aid. Meanwhile, JHS completers from private schools must apply for 80 percent of the voucher’s full value only.

For more details on the government’s voucher program, visit these web sites: and