deped k to 12 curriculum

Are you in search of a public school that offers senior high school (SHS)? The Department of Education (DepEd) has put out a partial list of K to 12-ready public schools in the National Capital Region or NCR.

These schools are set to offer grade 11 next year. This move is part of the K-12 program groundwork to mend the country’s learning scheme. Thus, for those in Quezon City, the most peopled place in NCR, here is a list of such schools as of June 10, 2015.

  1. Judge Juan Luna High School
  2. Eulogio Rodriguez, Jr. High School
  3. San Francisco High School
  4. Quezon City Science High School
  5. Batasan Hills National High School
  6. Commonwealth High School
  7. Culiat High School
  8. Ismael Mathay, Sr. High School
  9. Lagro High School
  10. Balara High School
  11. Camp Gen. E. Aguinaldo High School
  12. Carlos P. Garcia High School
  13. Quirino High School
  14. Juan Sumulong High School
  15. Carlos L. Albert High School
  16. Ponciano Bernardo High School
  17. Quezon City High School
  18. Don Alejandro Roces, Sr. Science-Technology High School
  19. Manuel A. Roxas High School
  20. Dr. Josefa Jara Martinez High School
  21. National Orthopedic Hospital School for Crippled Children

Yet if you have the means to send your son or daughter to a private school that offers grades 11 and 12, try CIIT Philippines, a QC college. This school of arts and technology will offer a mix of the Academic and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) tracks in the next school year. Through this Information Communication Technology (ICT) track, students can choose between two major courses such as animation or programming in senior high school.

This track serves as an overview of the basics of design and boosts the artistic and technical skills of students. Learners can use their skills through many digital mediums and platforms. This tackles the principles, concepts, and techniques of visual communication.

This track is a primer to the standards of programming and computer science and the methods of software design and development. The concepts and algorithms will be pragmatic for the students to learn the network systems, applications, and technical part of animation and programming.

In 2016, CIIT will offer the SHS program to junior HS graduates. Once they graduate from senior high, they will get a National Certificate Level 2 (NC II) from TESDA and an SHS diploma from the school. They can use these to go to college at CIIT or to join the labor force. It will likewise credit the valid subjects in grades 11 and 12 to the course they will pursue; thus, ending in a shorter term in college.