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K12 Philippines senior high career track

The first batch of Filipino students to go through Grade 11 will troop to schools in 2016. Many students and parents, though, are still unaware of a few details as regards the new K12 Philippines senior high school system.

Matters on the country’s K-12 program remain unclear. One of them, however, refers to the specific tracks wherein students will choose the best skill for them to master.

With the new educational system required by the government, Filipinos have no other choice but to embrace it. In the first place, each one will profit from the new scheme because it follows international standard.

This article gives a detailed explanation on the K12 Philippines senior high school’s tracks.

Which Track Is Best for You?

Apart from the core curriculum, which has eight learning areas, the new senior high school system comes with specific career tracks that seem like college courses. They include certain disciplines.

Each K12 Philippines senior high school student must choose one track to master and base his/her choice on how he/she wants to advance after completing high school or Grade 12. Career assessment and aptitude tests and an occupational interest inventory, on the contrary, will show the student’s strengths and interests. Career advocacy programs will also help and guide them in choosing the right track for their selves.

Note, though, that school capacity, resources available in the area, and in-demand jobs in the district are just a handful of the factors to consider in offering the tracks. The tracks aim to advance the students’ specialization and help them shine in areas where they excel.

The Tracks

Since the contents of the subjects students will take in Grades 11 and 12 depend on their chosen career track, they must take extra care in making their choice.

This track prepares students who plan to pursue college education and comprises four strands.
a) ABM – Accountancy, Business, and Management
b) STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
c) HUMMS – Humanities and Social Science
d) General Academic

The next three tracks equip students with the skills needed to secure jobs in the field they want:

Arts and Design
This track covers nine subjects, eight of which require 80 hours each per semester.

This track has nine subjects, which include Safety and First Aid, Human Movement, Coaching, Sports Officiating, and Sports Leadership.

This track contains nine subjects (known as the TVL track subjects) and TESDA specialized subjects.
a) Home Economics
b) Agri-Fishery
c) Industrial Arts
d) Information and Communications Technology or ICT

These career tracks prove that the K12 Philippines senior high program is likely to succeed.